Tailwind spin of High Grade iron ore

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Key Highlights of the issue

  • 1. Top technologies for Emerging Steel markets
  • 2. Novel technologies to provide steel companies with eco-sustainable alternatives
  • 3. Geographically & Environmentally viable iron & steel technologies

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Vol VII Issue 3, August 2018

Top 10 Technologies for Emerging Markets

The iron & steel industry are in various stages of research and development, in parallel with continued improvements in the reliability, efficiency and energy usage of conventional processes. There is continuous innovation and adoption of new technologies which is required for steel sector companies to survive and move ahead with time. The global market scenario is changing faster for the steel industry, a number of innovative iron and steel making process technologies are being developed to provide the steel companies with economically-sustainable alternatives for iron and steel-making. Steel360 with the guidance of industry expert has come out with its Special edition on an exclusive analysis of technologies for the upcoming steel markets.

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